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Biffs Bait and Tackle

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Roy C

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I didn’t want to clog up the  Red Top thread as I spent very little time there. But over the years from the early 80 till he passed any time I was on the Cape I stopped in and visited with Biff. I would show up maybe 4-5 times a year and he was always happy to see me and was always a gentleman. But I know and saw the other side Of him for the most part he was ornery guy who either like you or sent you on your way. I know I saw it first hand but never with me. He was a character and I liked that and for some reason he like me once he found  out I was not from NY hahahaha 


I actually bought my very first two lures that started me collecting from him on my first visit to his shop. They were Stan Gibbs baits new  in red boxes. I still have them today. So I guess Biffs started me collecting 


the first picture is of a much younger me on the left Biff in the middle and my fishing partner Jan on the right. I still have the shirt 

I always tried to buy the plugs in the window from him but he would not budge. He always sold me plugs on every visit but never more than 2. This was probably mid 80s and he still had at least 60 NIB Gibbs about  a dozen NIB Floyd Romans and a pile of Creek Chubs on shelves and in the cabinets behind the back counter




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Roy you are correct he was very stingy in letting any plugs go , especially if they were in the window on display . When he passed Bruce Miller to my recollection was able to purchase many from his daughter and I would think that Eddy Poor also had a hand in getting a few as well.

Joe provided every one a story about Biff in another time. Here is mine I went into the shop looking for something and I looked into the back room and he was not there and I began to shout out for him , but to no avail . So I go behind the counter and there on the floor he was passed out I thought he was dead . I managed to wake him up and his breath could  have knocked you over from the smell of alcohol.

He managed to tell me that He did not have what I was looking for and went back down on the floor to go to sleep. He did guard those many wall hangers in the window to say the least and when sober cherished talking about his collection of canal history and how he only had some plugs folks wanted and no one else had . Peace and Prayers

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I used to stop in there regularly, talked to him at length, learned a lot about the history of fishing the Canal. If you came in with a decent bass to weigh he would always say "Now you're the professor". Did not see him sober after about noon very often. A real character for sure.

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First lure I bought from Biff was a crippled herring.  Later when he and I got to know each other, he called me "Snapper" and was free in sharing canal intel and a few spots along the beaches. 


It was nice of him to point out that Stan Gibbs sold seconds in his shop across the way.  I took advantage of that tip on multiple occasion but always made a point of dropping some cash at Biffs.







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What I do recall about his place was, the old plugs in the window!  I wasn't even interested in collecting plugs at that time, but those really caught my eye.

I had no money in those days.  I'm sure Biff realized that.  So combine that, with the length of my hair, and it was a perfect recipe for getting the bums rush, and being shown the door. :troll:

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29 mins ago, bob_G said:

I had no money in those days.  I'm sure Biff realized that.  So combine that, with the length of my hair, and it was a perfect recipe for getting the bums rush, and being shown the door. :troll:

Consider yourself fortunate that Biff did not take out and threaten you with his revolver which he kept under the countertop. 

I relayed this story a few times.  


He did that in my presence to two teenagers when the kids began to give Biff some nasty-lip on the fishing advice Biff was giving them. 

It was scary moment for sure. Biff was bug eyed, red faced,  filled with anger and waving his revolver wildly. Needless to say the kids and I made a hasty exit out the door. 

Biff had just returned and opened up the shop after having his noon tea at the Bridge Restaurant next door.  No doubt he was not in the mood to suffer fools. 

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