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Joe Biden got her name wrong. He called her Karmella too! He must be racist! Wait didn't Harris already call him a racist? This gets funnier ever day.

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She is said to have prosecuted and jailed her dope dealer. Apparently it was funny to recall as she laughed about it. I think that makes her the perfect Democrat. She jailed the dude, that sold to the dude, that she bought her dope from.


The world is upside and backwards for the people that support her. The more deviant the behavior, the more likely it is to be celebrated by Democrats. As the encouragement to commit violent acts is increased, we will get.....more acts of violence. This is a political strategy now. Hard to even imagine I realize, but here it is anyways. The DNC actually wants there to be more violence and crime. Amazing. Behold the power of a weaponized news media producing propaganda. Look at what they can get people to actually believe in. The plan for the election, punish the voters and blame them for having to do those things to them. Tell them they dare not dream of a better life for themselves. It is an amazing thing to witness. 

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