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Due to lingering issues in my Covid-19 recovery, my Dr ordered an MRI of my brain. Yes I have one. The MRI shows I had a mild stroke during the infection. I have some issues with vision and balance. It sucks but looks like something I will have to love with. Being I love to draw and paint it is particularly aggrivating. Also I'll probably have to sell my bike. Probably millions of 68 year olds using a cane so I'm probably not lonesome there. Stay safe y'all.

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One of life's little mysteries involving the brain is that it does have the capacity to "rewire" itself when there is mild damage.

We've all heard stories of people fighting and BEATING the odds when doctors told them that they'll never do something again (like they used to) because of a brain injury.


The less severe the damage, the more likely the damaged area can be rewired or bridged to return most of the function that may have been lost/decreased. It will take some time and effort, like having to "re-learn" something all over again, but it is possible.


Good luck and don't give in to the naysayers that will try to console you in your time of need!

We here in SOL know that fishing and movement in general are an important part of our lives, so we've got your back!

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That sucks, Paymaster ! 

Hopefully you have a speedy and full recovery. 

Don't be selling or giving your stuff away just yet, Coolhandfluke can wait  !:howdy:

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