Lost the best dog of my life yesterday :(

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The most loving dog I have ever had in my 46 years...


Hugs & kisses were the norm for this sweet boy. And I truly mean hugs. Every chance he got he would hug me and jump in my lap and literally try to get under my shirt to be closer to me. We knew from day 1 when a family friend brought him over (even though we didn't want another dog) that he was staying with us.  I sat on the floor, he walked in and jumped into my lap and just stole my heart in an instant. I've put a lot of dogs down over the years but Noah passed away in my living room last night right in front of me and my son. Noah had a blood issue and stomach problems.  We did blood transfusion and a lot of meds over the past year. He was struggling yesterday but seemed OK until he wasn't. Long story short, this sweet boy passed away in our house a few feet away from where he first jumped in my lap and stole my heart. 


I'm typically cold & bold, I can deal with stuff... This one got me... 


Rest in peace my pup... "Noah" Todd 2015 - 2020 











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RIP Noah. It's incredible the bond between man and dog, there's a reason they call them man's best friend. Wishing you strength Erik. It's a tough one, man I know. 

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Erik, I'm so sorry to hear this...he sounds like a very special guy, no doubt he knows how loved he was....



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That sucks. I'm sorry.


Our third hound, Blue, just turned 10, and is slowing down, bigly. Watching these dogs get old is like watching the air go out of a balloon, very slowly. It sucks. 

Five years is way too short. Hang in there. :(


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