UNUSUAL TR0LLING PLUGS 1 Ausie, 2 Japanese Plastic Divers--4-16’ Deep CHEAP

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These will cover the water column—from near the surface down to 16’—when trolled from your ‘yak or boat.  




Chrome pink/mack Laser Pro 190 swimmer (Australia)

–7 ½” long, 1 ¾ oz.
--Looks like it was stored (v. minor scuffs, 1 bleeding wound from hook eye) but never wet (zero oxidation or hook rash)
--Bulletproof build by an old Australian plug firm for catching pelagics
--Super-solid hardware & build--outer body has extra secure hook anchoring and towing points that are built in as an integral part of the lure body.
--Trolling depth just a bit less than 7’
--4 to 11 knots.  6.5 kts is optimal for pelagics
--Users said “They love the Chrome Pink color (my favorite!)” and ”Good hardware and action. Bleeds with scratches. Tuna love it.” 
--Wait.  What?  It bleeds???  Yep.  Look at the belly.  It bleeds.  Who knew?   ;-)


I didn’t know that this Halco was built tough enough for tuna until I did some research.  “The Laser Pro 190 is widely recognised as one of the worlds best bluewater trolling lures. It can be trolled over a wide speed band, however its optimum speed for trolling for pelagics is around 6.5 knots … and it can be trolled as fast as 11 knots … “


The Laser Pro190 Deep Swimmer is made by Halco, an Australian company that’s been making lures for 70 years.  As one would expect from an Aussie firm, their focus is on big game fishing, so they build some rugged lures and they probably compete with Patrick Sebile’s Band of Anglers lures.  For example, they ultrasonically weld their plastic lure parts together (instead of using the more common solvent adhesives) to maximize the integrity of their lure bodies.  (There are no visible seams on this swimmer.  Pretty neat.)  They use “Bulletproof Polycarbonate Bibs” (aka lips made of virgin Lexan, which is much stronger than recycled Lexan).   You’ll also want to know that “All Halco Laser Pro’s feature Halco’s unique Bullet Proof Bib securing system, ensuring that your lures stand the test of time, and continue to catch fish after fish.”  (Should they change their name to Bulletproof Lure Co.??)

Matzuo Zander Shad
Deep diver with a short rigid dorsal fin that provides a tighter wobble for trolling at faster speeds.  Black/dark green back with striped prismatic sides looks like a Juvie Striper pattern to me.  I installed a new Rosco split ring and new 3/0 4X VMC treble.  
New.  6 ½”, 2 oz.,  8-10’


Matzuo Kinchou Minnow 
This through-wired swimmer is immediately recognizable for its arched shape and flared gill covers with red interiors.  It has a black back, prism sides and a silver belly.  This floater has a very wide wobbling swim and dives very quickly with a slow retrieve.  (How many other lures do that???  It’s like a crank bait on steroids!)  From the design and what I’ve seen of these (It’s new, so I haven’t fished it.) I’d expect to get it to 8-10’ on a moderate retrieve with no trouble at all, and you boat or kayak guys can get it down to 16’.   Through-wire construction, a chambered body with stainless steel rattle bearings and super sharp Matzuo® trebles. (I like the design of these hooks—heavy wire, short shanks, with much wider gaps than we see on most VMCs and Mustads.)  According to Matzuo, it also has a third “Angle Grip XX Strong Treble hook at the front, resulting in an increased chance of hooking from strikes at any angle, while not affecting the action.”
New.  7 ½”, 3 oz., 8-16’






$21 $18 for the lot of three, paid in cash & picked up in Dartmouth, MA.
Add $4.75 to your prompt PP payment for USPS First Class shipping with tracking.  

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