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It's my understanding that you can fire a standard .280 round through a rifle chambered for .280 AI, and the cartridge case will be immediately reusable for for reloading in .280 AI.  (Not that I'd do that without some careful, careful measuring, but  ......  )


Am I correct?


There are multitudes, swarms, blizzards of 7mm cartridges out there.  7x57 Mauser, 7-08 mm, 7mm mag, 7mm STW, .280, .280 AI, Heaven only knows what else. All of them are equally lethal on antelope deer, etc. Shorter cartridges like 7mm-08 may have an advantage of a fraction of a second in the speed of working the bolt. Does anyone care? Not I. 7mm cartridges that use a .30-06 can probably tolerate a heavier bullet than shorter rounds, for such difference as it makes. If I need to work the bolt a fraction of a second faster, then I need more range time in the first place.




Not that I'm planning a deer hunt soon .... or ever .... but .... one of the gunzines I read, years ago, had a gorgeous photo of a .280 AI taken  by a great gun photographer (Ishikawa?). The image has stayed with me. The particular photo was of a firearm that was a prize in some contest. Synthetic stock, high-end Golden Ring Leopold scope, just beautiful.



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