Stonfo Elite Disc Drag bobbin

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I have some nice old bobbins...opted to buy a new Disc drag version....

For 2 purposes.....PR knots on light line and tying...


My question...

How is this considered a disc drag?

The Discs don't turn on one's just a piece of foam so compression is gradual.  And doesn't bind up in the threads of the tensioner....


I have disk drag PR bobbins...........


THIS ISN'T a disc drag.


Am I missing something?


It's a nylock nut keyed to a thumb screw.....a plastic washer and foam washer......and a sliding arbor keyed to the axle (doesn't rotate)

So all it does is squeeze the spool 

DOES what I envision exist?  Seems pretty straight forward..


I was hoping it keyed to the thread bobbin..and that's what rotated under the desired tension.....



So far the somewhat premium priced fly tying gear I've purchsed flat out sucks...I hope the Stonfo Vise isn't anything like this.  The stonfo hackle pliers don't seem too bad.


Pr Bobbins which are machined Al and stainless...cost the same as this fabricobbled and superglued thing.

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4 hours ago, KidDkivahh said:

 I hope that Stonfo vise works out . 

Me too......

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