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Getting started with soft plastic lures - Advice?

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I've been watching a lot of vids lately about pouring soft plastic baits with molds and plastisol.   


So far, I see I need: 





Pyrex cups



Am I missing anything?   I don't have a garage or workshop, I live in a modest townhouse.   
Any need for masks or PPE?

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Advise  doing it outside. That stuff stinks. Pick up a pair of gloves too that protect from heat, but allow you to still use your fingers. Hot plastic is not something you want hitting your hands.

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Set up a table right next to a window, put a fan between the hot plastic and the window or in the window.


Set the fan on exhaust mode if it has it or just turn it around so  that it draws the fumes away from plastic and


blows it out the window. Have fun, make molds too. Enjoy.

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Gloves are good, long pants and shoes are important too, burned legs/feet from drips or spills will ruin your day. Ventilation is important, I'd consider a 3m respirator with organic vapor cartridges as well. It's a bit of a pain, but the fumes can irritate throat/sinus passages and the lungs, especially with prolonged exposure. 

As for basic supplies, get a couple of colors/pigments to start off with, black, white, chartreuse, silver minnow etc. Pearl powders and Highlight powders will up your game as well. Heat stabilizer is a must to help keep from scorching the plastic. You'll also need a digital thermometer, you have to hit a certain temp for the chemical reaction to take place. A small putty knife is good for cutting off your pours to keep drips at bay and I use thin bakers pallet knives to stir my plastic. 

Choosing your plastic hardness takes a bit of experimentation, it really depends on what style of bait you are pouring. Most companies offer a sample pack. Good luck and have fun. 

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