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1 hour ago, Joe G said:


There will always be some idiot either not paying attention, or tying too quickly,  that will end up criss crossing the two lines in the eyelet.   :wag:


Been there a few times myself.   



How about when i cut the wrong side after tying?....duh!

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22 hours ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

I started using this with good results 



Not much different than a uni to uni knot but ends up with better results


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Total newbie here. I tie a double palomar from my braid onto the swivel, easy enough for me to remember, and the improved clinch for the mono onto the clip and swivel. Keep a few leaders pre-rigged with swivel and clip, easy and fast to get a double palomar on the swivel while out fishing. I can tie a decent fg knot in the comfort of my living room, but all bets are off when I'm outside, and I'm never sure how long they'll hold up. I'll have to try that Alberto knot sometime, seems easier and stronger. Now I just need some bigger fish to test my knots out. 

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