2020 best low profile saltwater baitcaster

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On 8/11/2020 at 2:23 PM, SSPey said:

The internals of the new 300 HD are visible on a YouTube video posted a few weeks ago by “Pesca JFI”  ... it is narrated in Spanish, but points out various changes, inside and out.  

At some point he should have turned on the lights :)

would have helped.....


Sorry....couldn't resist...............i take pride in my lighting :)

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5 mins ago, SSPey said:

37D58C37-7C5B-452F-B106-E087D924F7C5.jpeg.4009cf9130bd2a202ed53edb2372f8d8.jpeg Here is a closeup photo of the new model 300 HD bushing below the tension knob. It seems Daiwa decreased the bushing ID to close the gap towards the spool shaft, just shy of constant contact.




They all have fans and you’ll never get a definitive answer


For me the “best” 300 was little things, process of elimination.  I like a gradual drag adjustment and distrust seals, which disqualified the Tranx.  The Komodo has a specific ergonomic issue in my hands that disqualified it.  Lexa was the last reel standing.  Try to hold them in your hands if possible.   


"Process of elimination" is a good way of putting it.


That is why I was using 4 different big low pros for a while. 


The Lexa HD and Komodo SS were very close in the running for me after I dropped the Revo Toro Beast and Tranx from my little competition to see which big low profile series of reel I would buy multiples of and which big low pros I would get rid of.



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I love my Tranx 300 HG(own 2 of them), swapped out the power handle to a dual handle and been using them for 2 years now.  Daiwa just announced a Tatula TWS 300, which will have the T wing feature, love that feature in my Diawa Coastal.   I think they come out in October?   The Tranx are powerful and smooth, great reel no complaints.

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funny you should mention the tatula with the t wing..i just looked at that reel last night...but I don't think it's a saltwater reel is it?


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