Germany, July 26th. 2020

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Yesterday I met up with some former collegues at the pub in Germany.

The company we worked for had been sold to a multinational corporation with
the new management running the whole lot into the ground.

The good people left, the rest was fired ... the a..kissers still around I guess.


Anyways I had some time to spare so I fished the stream in the morning.
Weatherwise the heavy rains had stopped at daybreak and the water was 

a bit up and murky.
I found it strange that the perdigon did not draw strikes from shiners at 

a certain pool untill I hooked a nice trout.
It is dangerous for small shiners when a larger trout is around.


As the perdigon did not perform as well as I had hoped I put on a squirmy worm

and the hits came.

Mostly from small bottom feeders that bit the tail but I also managed a trout.
I stalked a larger trout when the skies suddenly darkened.

The thunder right above my head made me clear out the water fast.

I went to the pub and just as I was getting out of my waders the skies opened

and it poured, made it more or less dry into the pub.
It did not take long before my former co workers arrived and so

we talked about the good times and had a few drinks and something to eat.

As the guys left I could not resist getting back in the stream that in the meantime

had swollen and pushed a lot of dirty water.
The squirmy was again a produces as even in the murky water the fish could

find the fly.
Met up with some of the other flyfisherman and left around sunset or what

I call bat time, a good time to leave the water.












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Nice pix, thanks Marcel, we need this kind of post in these days when everyone is going crazy. Helps us all keep an even keel. 

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I would think that 99 percent of the trout is stocked. At the end of the season most will be clubbered out as catch and release is officially outlawed in Germany. If the stream would be properly managed trout would thrive but we are dealing with amateurs here.


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Marcel  are you ok and working. Or resting after the corporate hi jack of the company. Can’t ever see you licking asse.


I hate the Capitalist pigs when they  destroy good companies for purely short term gains. Bloody clueless.



Edited by Mike Oliver

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Workwise it went south and ended with a short term of unemployment. But as they say every cloud has a silver lining and with a good dose of luck I ended up at the company I work for now. A Canadian company, employee owned so the risk of takeover and being sucked dry is minimal.

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