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Portland update from Homeland Security

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In order to quell the false narrative of our Marxist leftists on the board, this is the most recent release from Homeland Security on what is going on in Portland.


Release Date: July 26, 2020

Bottom line:

The violent situation Portland has witnessed for the past eight weeks continues with violent anarchists rioting on the streets as federal law enforcement officers work diligently and honorably to enforce federal law, defend federal property, and protect the lives of their fellow officers.


In response to nightly attempts to raze and damage the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, DHS made the decision last week to put up a stronger fence around the building’s perimeter. While more secure fencing has kept much of the criminal violence away from the courthouse itself, it has now become a consistent target of the rioters, who constantly are trying to tear it down with ropes, saws, hammers, bolt cutters, and power tools.


As federal officers left the courthouse to respond to attacks on the fence, just like on previous nights they were met by rioters with hard projectiles, mortar style fireworks and lasers that can cause permanent blindness. Over the previous 24 hours, such assaults have resulted in at least 14 federal officers injured.


The past 24 hours:

Initially, Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) North Portland Police Precinct was believed to be a main target of activity last night. PPB officers appeared in front of the precinct building in protective gear early in the evening as a large crowd assembled there.


At 9:36 p.m. local time a reported 4,000-5,000 individuals had gathered around the courthouse.


At 10:40 p.m. local time violent actors began to try and cut the fence protecting the courthouse perimeter, as they have attempted every night since it was erected. Federal officers were forced to use pepper balls to repel the attempts and prevent further damage to federal property. Rioters initially stopped their attack on the fence but quickly returned with shields to continue.


At 10:55 p.m. local time officers were once again forced to go outside the courthouse in order to stop the attempts to cut the fence.


At 11:04 p.m. local time rioters began to launch the first mortar firework attacks of the evening against the courthouse and federal officers.


At 11:08 p.m. local time an unknown chemical was sprayed on an FPS officer and other officers were assaulted with hard projectiles from the crowd.


At 11:19 p.m. local time FPS declared an unlawful assembly.


At 11:21 p.m. local time federal officers came under heavy laser attack from rioters. Around this time, rioters also launch a roughly 10-minute-long continuous firework attack against the courthouse. The crowd size was reported to be approximately 5,000 to 6,000 individuals around this time.


At 11:28 p.m. local time an individual drove a car up to the fence perimeter and parked next to it. Rioters began to throw smoke bombs into the fence perimeter.


At 11:53 p.m. local time at least one power tool reportedly was being used to cut through the fence. 


Around midnight local time crowds began to converge on the parks in the vicinity of the federal building, as PPB reported damage to multiple storefronts in the path of the crowds. Rioters started to throw explosive devices at the fence perimeter and, in addition to the use of saws and power tools, began to try and hammer bolts off the fence.


At 12:26 a.m. local time a federal officer was injured after being hit by hard projectiles the rioters had thrown.


At 12:32 a.m. local time violent actors attached ropes to the fence in yet another effort to tear it down.  After that rope snapped, they brought out a bigger rope to continue the destructive effort.


At 12:49 a.m. local time federal officers issued several warnings to the crowd to disperse.


At 12:54 a.m. local time a rioter was able to peel back part of a fence panel that had been cut through.


At 1:09 a.m. local time rioters managed to tear down down a section of the fence.


At 1:11 a.m. local time PPB declared this situation to be a riot. Federal officers began to repel rioters who were inflicting on the officers heavy fire through mortar-style fireworks and to push them away from the courthouse.


Following the riot declaration, PPB also helped federal officers clear the area as both made multiple arrests.


At 2:05 a.m. local time two weed sprayers filled with an unidentified liquid were found in a nearby park; HAZMAT was called.


Around 3:10 a.m. local time federal officers began to return to the courthouse. There were still a couple hundred individuals gathered in the vicinity.


The night’s violence resulted in at least 14 new injuries to federal officers. One FPS officer was injured from a thrown hard projectile; injuries include a laceration on his arm and bruises to his arm. The officer received treatment from a medic and returned to defend the courthouse.




DHS officers conducted 6 arrests for assaulting federal officers and 2 arrests for failure to comply with lawful orders.

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Just now, MikeM58 said:

But, but some genius here was saying it was just soccer moms and a little graffiti?

Trump is sending these forces in to create violence. 

it’s a well established tactic used to undermine democracy and establish an authoritarian regime. 

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8 mins ago, MikeM58 said:

But, but some genius here was saying it was just soccer moms and a little graffiti?



Yep. (what does that symbolize on the left.  The red thing with hammer and sickle?  )

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Alt leftist are weird.  They prefer violence, looting, burning, running over police and hostile take overs of parts of a city over law and order.  Their leaders don’t do anything about it so they can cry and whine about Trump. 
At leftist mayors are betting that the Gropey old child molester gets elected so the can beg for federal money to rebuild what alt leftist savages destroyed. 

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8 mins ago, fish'nmagician said:

Trump is sending these forces in to create violence. 

it’s a well established tactic used to undermine democracy and establish an authoritarian regime. 

Do tell us how these forces "create" violence.



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1 min ago, FishinMortician said:

At some point bullets will be exchanged.

Rifle ammunition, Molotov cocktails found by Portland police responding to shooting
By Danielle Wallace, Edmund DeMarche

Published July 27, 2020

Fox News

The 60th consecutive day of protests in Portland was punctuated Sunday night by the discovery of a bag of rifle ammunition and Molotov cocktails by police responding to a chaotic scene in Lownsdale Square Park.

Around the same time the ammunition and destructive devices were being uncovered, Portland police responded to reports of gunfire at the same park. Two people were taken into custody near SW 4th Avenue and SW Salmon Street and have since been released. A person arrived at a hospital by private vehicle with an apparent gunshot wound but the injury was not life-threatening, the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement.


A photo of the items found in the bag was shared in a tweet from the police bureau saying someone pointed out the bag to officers at the park late Sunday. No further information was immediately released.

Police said the discovery of the ammunition and the shooting around the same time did not appear to be related, though the investigation is ongoing. The gunfire erupted about a block from where protesters have been clashing with police and U.S. agents, KATU reported.  It wasn't clear if either incident was connected to the demonstrations.

The protest late Sunday started peacefully but intensified early Monday. Several hundred people gathered outside the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse and spent hours blocking streets, yelling, chanting, banging on the fence and throwing objects over it.


The crowd began launching mortar-style fireworks over the fence before midnight, climbed over the fence and entered the portico. Around the same time, another group of demonstrators lit a large fire in Lownsdale Square Park. Police said people in the crowd continually picked at the fence and some gathered with shields and umbrellas to cover a person trying to cut through it.


Just before 1 a.m. Monday, someone started a fire just inside the fence along SW 3rd Avenue. Dozens of people approached the outside of the fence with shields and began throwing objects over it. U.S. agents deployed gas and flashbangs and warned protesters to stay off federal property. The Portland Police Bureau said it did not participate in dispersing the crowds by the federal courthouse.

Portland has seen protests for weeks after the death of George Floyd in police custody and demonstrators have set fires, vandalized buildings, and smashed windows.


Chad Wolf, the Department of  Homeland Security secretary, painted a disturbing picture in the city on “Sunday Morning Futures” and said protesters have been armed with bats, power tools and have targeted "their violence on federal courthouses and federal law enforcement officers.”


The shooting on Sunday night would mark the second reported shooting near the protest. Authorities said one person suffered “numerous gunshot wounds” early Sunday morning, which occurred at the same time that police were forced to respond to another riot at the location. That victim's injuries were not life-threatening.

There has been growing criticism in the city directed toward Mayor Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, who has clashed publically with President Trump over the deployment of federal troops in the city.


Last week, he addressed a crowd of protesters and was booed and heckled. While he spoke, protesters displayed a list of demands on the justice center that included defunding the police by at least 50 percent and free all protesters from jail.

Fox News' Brie Stimson and the Associated Press contributed to this report

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