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Hi all,


It's been quite a while since I've posted but I'm getting back into the game.  I have an older Crestliner 16' fish hawk and need a replacement motor.   It's rated for up to 50 hp tiller.  Since it's a pretty old hull, I'm not spending the $ for a new motor.  I've found a local gentleman who regularly rebuilds motors and he has an almost perfect match for my hull.   Almost.  And I think I already know the answer but thought I'd ask here to ease my mind.   The transom on my ride measures 20" almost exactly.  The replacement motor is a "short" shaft.  BTW, it's a 40 hp evinrude tiller if that matters.  Am I asking for trouble in putting this on the hull?   My intent is to use it in back bays etc. in the salt.  I'm not expecting to break speed records, but do want to be able to get back to the dock quickly should a storm pop up.  Thoughts?


Edit - while searching online I saw that Vance Mfg sells drop down plates for this application.   Does anyone have experience with using them?


Thanks for any input.  

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It will move you at slow speeds but as soon as the boat approaches planing speed it will die out because the prop will be out of the water Also you will risk overheating as well.

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Thanks all.  I kinda already knew before asking, but thought that maybe someone had an alternative that I hadn't considered.   The drop down system was ~$250 or did magpug mean an extension to the lower unit?   With the drop down kit, he engine tilt might be limited and I didn't like that idea.   Oh well, I'll keep looking for the right motor.

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