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1 hour ago, NonTypical said:

It wasn’t the Joy Sea involved in the accident.  I believe he said the commercial boat that sank was owned by the owner of the Joy Sea. His name is Chuck Mallinson. 

Chuck had a bad day.

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Dragger was The Petrel. Cabo out of Niantic CT was called looking at his gear he was in a hurry to go Tuna fishing. If Chuck was in PilotHouse he wouldn't be here right now. 

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17 hours ago, CWitek said:

"Dent" was somewhat sarcastic.  It's significant damage, but far less than what the trawler suffered.


Running with your radar set at 12 miles might be fine in the open ocean, but in a crowded waterway, 2 is more appropriate.  I was running in that crap yesterday and was shifting between 2 and, when I came close to a wreck or other known fishing grounds, 0.5 so I could spot small boats better.  And I certainly wasn't doing 30 kt.


Although I'd still bet an autopilot was involved.  One of the most dangerous devices in a private boat, that tempts operators to pay less than full attention to what's going on, and instead BS on the bridge with someone else.

I agree that autopilot is dangerous. I would be willing to bet that he wasn't that well versed in using his radar either.  Why was it set at 12 miles when you are in one of the busiest waterways on the planet..... in July.   Based on that, I"m guessing he had no idea what he was looking at anyway.   I just can't imagine that someone would have that little common sense.  Turning on autopilot and running 30kt in the recreational fishing capital of the world in July is just a complete and total disregard for everyone's safety.  I don't care if the guy wants to gamble with his own life but he put everyone out there in danger.  

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