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19 mins ago, BrianBM said:

I take it that "chicken of the woods" is not the same as "hen of the woods?"

Nope this is a “hen of the woods” I picked two seasons ago 1900A469-8EBB-40BB-A646-3F4F338AE958.png.9daaf56576866db1df90da8837a93eba.png

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On 7/24/2020 at 7:46 PM, CcCstriper89 said:

Venison steak and cheese night; with freshly chopped chicken of the woods; onion pepper; and freshly picked cayenne from the garden.0ACDB230-E9A8-492F-A167-F8BA06F1C14A.jpeg.81246b020f6f802ff66d1a5a048b0e52.jpeg629CB559-05DF-4EE8-9907-CD78EC4217C9.jpeg.bd4e70a9380ac6a28d2b7f4fcaa90259.jpegB7E4C0D6-BF5E-4F69-A2FD-A88AAEA34E7E.jpeg.e13725ad3a342c2059ef2d937c84276e.jpeg

Awesome meal. Nice work on the venison. Way to highlight some of our local ingredients. 

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2 hours ago, Running Ape said:

Hey anyone find chanterelles on the cape with any regularity? I’ve found a few, randomly 

I'm told the Bebee Woods in Falmouth have some.  I went once and found none.  I'd like to begin picking chanterelles, but I'd need someone to show me first.

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