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Top Water Lot (AH, RV, Winch and more)


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I have had these for a while and most were bought here on SOL. 


Left column:

Afterhours squid - might be the only one not fished.  

RV Pencil - may have been thrown years ago but can't remember.   2oz I think. 

Winch Spook - I'm guessing 3oz.  Thrown a few times and picked up from him directly maybe 7 + years ago. 



Right column:

Pencil - 3oz but can't remember maker

Salty - 1.5 oz and used maybe once

Black Label Floating Needle - Used maybe once.  Around 2oz. 


Middle bottom: 

Big Don's? I believe I bought it here (used) and never threw it. 


$105 shipped.  Not looking to split.  PP only.   Thanks for looking!


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