Pistol caliber, lever action, all weather...which one?

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Which lever gun do you like?

"All Weather"? Even a stainless steel with plastic or nylon stock needs maintenance and cleaning to remain functional.

Think of all the arms of all types made in the 1800's and prior. They were exposed to the elements and didn't deteriorate into dust moments after exposure to rain or snow.

Military (and civilian) arms exposed to cold, snow, heat, sand storms, Hurricane/Typhoon, fresh or saltwater, haven't deteriorated to nothing or stopped functioning the instant of exposure, or even days after exposure.


Any arm is "all weather" with just the minimum of maintenance.


Just get the lever gun you like, in a caliber suitable for the largest bug game critter you intend to go after, and call it "a day".

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On 7/17/2020 at 0:10 AM, webfoot44 said:

Some of the Cowboys shooters work those lever guns faster than most people can shoot a semi auto. 

Due to short stroke of pistol length action.


There are some Taurus pump 45lc around.  I've got one.  Another fast gun.

On the east coast the cowboy action craze lasted a few years and then died out.  A few years ago you could find good deals on the used stuff the "urban cowboys" sold off.

Now it's tough.  I has been shopping for original Winchester 32-20 for a long time and couldn't find any.  Last week stopped in a rural PA shop that has three.  $2.5k apiece.

Passed on those as they had another gem I was looking for.

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9 hours ago, mybeach said:

When all is said and done, I just like the esthetic. I think they’re cool looking.:th:

Me too. I got all the utility stuff I would ever need. A lever is high up on my list of nexts. That and an old timey single action wheel.

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On 7/18/2020 at 7:03 AM, PSegnatelli said:

Care to share any other details on the 357? Bullet used, shots taken, average distances etc?


I always play that mental tug o war with myself on wether I'd be better off with a bigger caliber. 357 always wins for me. 


There is no debate to the 44mag being a better caliber for hunting.   But 99% of my shooting is at the range and I don't deer much anymore. I'd hate to buy a gun I only shoot once or twice a year


Fwiw, I've done a fair amount of Boar hunting with both the .357 and the .429 (talking maybe 32 years that I can recall).  I'll qualify this by saying if we're chatting up choices with hand loads (or Garrett, Buffalo Bore, etc) the 45LC is hands down the most flexible.  If you don't hand load or find the custom makers to expensive the 44 Mag is easily the most forgiving cartridge you could ask for.


I reached in the safe and just picked up 3 boxes of whatever.  The below go from tame (cowboy load is less than the 38 Special) to modest (adult hands) to "sum beech" (the Legend loading is a handful).  Buried back in there is some Garrett stuff with a 325 grain pill that plain hurts to shoot.  My AK days are behind me so it'll be a collector's item...


Love the 44 Magnum for it's flexibility with off the shelf loads.



Ruger Loads.jpg

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I ordered a Rossi 92 in 45 Colt the week before Covid shut everything down.  I chose the 16 1/2 inch barrel carbine in the blued finish.  It has proven to be a good purchase.  Standard velocity 250 grain FMJ rounds or lower velocity cowboy action ammo can be fired all day long.  Plus P ammo can be had that promises 1450 fps from a 7.5 inch barrel and 1191 ft/pounds from a 7.5 inch barrel -- that rivals 44 mag specs.  In addition, the 1450 fps translates to 1775 fps out of a 17 inch barrel, which is pretty potent stuff. 

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