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How light do you folks go with light/ultra light leaders?


I generally use 10lb braid & 20lb-25lb leader. Right now it's 25lb flouro. But I tend to buy whatever is available and don't have any set in stone preferences. 

How low do u go?

I want to go light but nervous of going too light.  Breaking off on fish & structure. 


General info. 

7ft M rod. 4000 reel

Jigs & metal. 3/4oz max and down. 

Looking for anything I can catch thats tasty. I'll fill a freezer with big searobins if I have to. 

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I’ve used 50lb, 40lb and 15lb leader with 20lb braid and it didn’t make a difference in hookups or working a plug but I felt better knowing I had a little more abrasion resistance with the heavier leader. Heavier leaders are also easier to grab to lift or handle a fish. People tend to use a heavier leader in rocky areas but you can get away with light leaders in sandy areas. You will most likely be fine with 15lb but if you do get a decent fish and he takes you into the rocks you could be in trouble. Better to be safe than sorry. 

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