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Stradic 6000Fi Back play

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Hi folks I have an older Stradic 6000FI reel from 2010. The one with the gold spool. The reel is still running smooth and strong however I noticed there is back play on the drive gear when I crank the handle. Drives me nuts. I remember having the same issue ln the older Saragosa F series. I opened up my reel and tried to tighten the screws on the drive gear and still noticed the play. Has anyone ever solved this issue? Do you think Loctite will solve it?


I know parts are scarce being the reel is 10 years old. If anyone can pinpoint me to a service center that carries Shimano discontinued parts that would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply. The play is definitely on the drive gear when i took the reel apart. I played around with the middle piece where the handle assembly goes in and it moves. Will try the Loctite 243 on the screws. 


Worse case scenario if doesnt work out ill just have to find a replacement part or fish it until something happens. 





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Push the handle in while trying to test for the back play. If it now feels tighter with less play then you need a brass shim washer between the bearing and the gear on the side plate side of the reel...The brass shim washer will hold the main gear into the pinion gear removing the play..

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