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Umatilla County politician speaks out after police say he wrote racist lett

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Another fake hate crime.I only posted to show the way this guy thinks,what a slimy POS.


HERMISTON, Ore. — The former Umatilla County Commissioner Candidate that reportedly admitted to police he sent himself a racist letter after claiming he received it is speaking out.
In an interview with Action News Jonathan Lopez says he regrets writing the letter and is very sorry.
"I do apologize for what I did I do understand and accept that it was incorrect or wrong, by no means or way did I want to gain the election." Lopez said.
It was only a few weeks ago when he shared the hate-filled letter on his public Facebook page, claiming he received it in his mailbox.
Lopez has since removed the Facebook page.
After investigating the incident Hermiston Police say Lopez confessed to writing the racist letter and filing a false report.
When asked why he wrote the letter this is what Lopez had to say.
"I could say many reasons and of course everybody's opinions could be different but I have no excuse for it but I can just express how I was feeling and what's been going on through my mind and I'm not asking that that justifies what I did I've just been having hard time since February." Lopez said.
While Lopez admits the letter came from a painful place, he doesn't think his letter stunt discredits future racist actions.
"It cannot be used as something to discredit any other possible form or way or act of racial issues reason being is law enforcement their job is to secure and protect everyone. If they start thinking because of one bad apple, in this case one bad situation the rest are bad then they are not going to do their job properly or correct and you know that's not what they are here for." Lopez said.
Police say Lopez could be charged with a misdemeanor for the incident.

by Taylor Fritz

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