Breaking: U.S. to Withdraw from W.H.O.

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Been saying **** them since this whole thing starting.  **** the WHO.


And **** the ****ing UN till it ****ing dies.

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And of course Biden, idiot that he is, has already said he’s going to open up the spigot again the day after he’s inaugurated.  These leftist morons seriously still think that US “leadership” in the UN and WHO and all things similar is anything the world actually wants.  What the world wants is for us to stay stupidly virtue signaling so they can milk us until we die.  Get it, you idiots?

If we remove ourselves from these BS organizations we can continue to use our money where we think we need to, and FAR more efficiently.   In the process we cut out the corrupt middleman and make sure the recipients acknowledge the cash came from us, and not from a “collective” which requires nothing in return.


Here’s the deal, progs.  Recipients of handouts always, always grow entitled to those handouts and resentful of the people giving it to them.  They rot the character and F up the mind.  When you have commerce rather than charity...equal exchanges of value...a contract...THAT brings benefit to both parties, and THAT is when people respect themselves and the person they’re interacting with.


International relations, inner’s all the same chit.

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