general regulations and codes for above ground pools?

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It's a lap pool - you know, the kind that has an impeller and you swim into a current?


What are the typical regs for pools, hot tubs, spas, etc?


Needs power run to the motor.


Needs a simple drain line, but its actually optional.


Will be sitting on a slab 6" thick and 3500 PSI.

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36 mins ago, Darth Baiter said:

My town has an on-line code book on their .org site.  Can you look it up?

True that. I found Spotslyvania, Va. county code book online when I was working at my sisters' home a buncha years ago. 


Here in Jersey, you would have to have it fully, non-climbable and lock gated, enclosed.  Permit for that. $

Then a permit for a buried dedicated GFCI circuit. Permit for that $

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Granted it’s been every bit of 10+ years since I’ve done a pool. Some of the highlights from the then. Obviously there could be added items today over the past code changes. 


Power to pool run in conduit and GFCI protected. This also was twistlock. 

Pool and motor bonded, the bonding at the time was a complete loop of bare copper solid, bonded to frame of pool and any other metal item like a ladder, starting and ending at the motor. It’s run just below surface and close to the pool outside wall. 

An GFCI protected outlet of general use is no less than 10’ and no greater than 20’ from pools edge. 


All items related to the pool electrically are GFCI protected.  


Again this was years ago so confirm todays standards. 

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