Germany, July 5th. 2020

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The saturday was a bust fishing wise due to heavy rain and strong wind.
The next day the situation was not a lot better with light rain but still strong wind gusts.

My plans to go after the big chub where ditched as I needed sunshine and calm weather

to spot the fish.


In the end I went to fishing in the forest and put my fancy glass outfit to the test.
I had bought a Hardy Sintrix 7' #3-4 when it was on sale (the list price seemed a tad

steep to me). 

I fitted the rod with a light Hardy reel I had aquired at an earlier sale and tried to catch

fish in the extremely shallow water of the upper stream.


I had hoped I would at least get a decent trout from somewhere to get a feel of the 

rod but I fear the last ones have been clubbered out by now.
Could only get a few small shiners and a small trout but even with the small fish you

could feel the action all the way.
I immediately liked the rod and it casted pretty well.


I took a long break for lunch at the pub as it started pouring so I had no haste to get
outside.  With the nasty weather the usual crowd of bikers and locals stayed put
so I shared the pub with a few farmers and a birthday party in the adjecent room.
Special was the broccoli creme soup and I can tell you it was good.
Main course was the so called strammer max (butter-fried bread topped with ham and an egg).

And it that was not enough a hefty desert of quark (acid set cheese) with strawberry's.


The last hope of catching something larger was the village downstream where the

stretch in front of the watermill might have some larger fish in it.
The wind however had chased the large dace off the surface and I only managed 

a small roach near sunset. 

I spotted one large orange koi scooting about but I never catch any of those.

So the fishing sucked but having a good pub around makes up for any bad fishing.
























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Was reading Marcel’s post when my wife handed me this. Chocolate bourbon cake with rocky road ice cream and whipped cream. Sorry Brian!



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Hey, Marcel and Good2go, what are ya trying to do, get us fat???  Bad enough my mouth is watering!  Marcel, another fine report.  Good2go, I do not like chocolate cake otherwise I would ask for the recipe.  :point:

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