Extra Long Trebles on Abu Hi-Lo

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This is just one of many vintage lures I have from the 50s and 60s that have these extra long shank trebles. I want to swap them out with new trebles but can’t seem to find any that match the originals.


Any suggestions for replacements? For fishability, would modern replacement trebles, either short or long shank (but not as long as these) adversely affect the lure’s action? 




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With the lure being that old, the trebles are probably Mustad or Eagle Claw. I have some older Mirrolures that have a long shank treble on them. 


I've replaced trebles with newer types, on older lures, such as Hula Poppers & Jitterbugs that were made with that type of hook hanger and can't say it had any affect on the action. As long as the size & weight is similar, it shouldn't. If you went with a much heavier hook, I think that could possibly cause an issue. 


On older lures, I generally go with a VMC round bend style of hook, such as a 8650 or 9650. Either those with a black nickel or permasteel finish. That would be lures that I would primarily use for freshwater bass. I used to fish in brackish waters often, and went to using the VMC permasteel finish hooks, and just stayed with them. IMO, they last longer than most other hooks and don't rust easily. 


If it's a big lure, such as might be used for Stripers, I like the Owner trebles, which are more costly, but IMO, are a better hook and generally stronger for the size.


I had been getting away from using trebles, and switching to inline singles, but the cost of doing that has slowed me down. I have plenty of trebles and many lure, so have been continuing to use the trebles, but I will mash down the barbs. 


The older types of lures look a little funny with the round bend trebles on them, but I think it's because most of them have the "O'Shaughnessy" style trebles like is in your photo and that's what we get used to seeing, but it hasn't caused any problems as far as fishing with them. 

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