Is there a section for awesome posts?

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For example. 

I've been stalking @DoorGunner posts. I've started at the very beginning of his time here and have scrolled back thru his posting history and bookmarked everything I've found interesting. I've got about 200pages to go.  

I've learned more about shallow water, back bay and marsh life and fluke since 5am than I have in my 41years. 


This place is chocked full of knowledge.  Is there an easy way to dig it up?

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That stomach thread is awesome!  I've been bookmarking all the threads that peak my interest. 


Maybe even a sticky of notable users.  Cause one thing I've noticed is there might be a thread with maybe 10ish replies,but one reply will have a gleaming gold nugget of info in it.  Something truely eye opening.   

 I'll use DG for an example here but I'm sure there are others that have their fingers on the pulse of their environment. I just haven't found them yet!

 I had no idea how fluke hunted. His fishtank observations were eye opening. Or the post on how a tog pops the legs off a crab. 


I love being the "fly on the wall" and observing. Wether it's man or beast. 



Eta.  Awesome thread!


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