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Telling ya , make your own and ya won’t ever look back . About 2$ in pork skin from Asian market . And like 2-3$ in salt  and some time and effort and you will have enough for a lifetime maybe two .. my jars . Going on 2 years now maybe . Only get better with age . One jar of finished product ready for use , one with whole chunks of skin that could use one last scraping , and then cut to whatever shape ya please 


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14 mins ago, Blazer1185 said:

They look good so you just put them in a jar with salt in it

It’s alil more involved then that . In a nut shell ... 


get pork skin from Asian market . Less fat and meat on it the better .. trim all fat and meat off ya can and then put in jar with lots and lots of kosher salt and water ... let sit and break down for couple few months .. more the better .. then pull from jars and scrape the hell out of both side . Remove as much meat and fat at this point as ya can , and scraping the outside will help start the whiting process .. then rinse and back into jars of water and tons of salt ...ya want the salt to be like at least inch thick on bottom after shaking the hell out it .. so ya know it super saturated .. then back on shelf for couple few more months and pull and scrape again .. at this point ya can most Likely cut to shape and that’s that ... I cut enough for a year or two or three and leave rest whole Incase I want big strips or maybe small ..  they only get better with age 

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Doesn't have to be an asian market either.  

Just about any market in a lower income bracket will carry pig skin.  Makes a great brasciole too. 


Diy pork rind baits is something I never thought of.  I like doing stuff like this. 

Wonder if the process is the same for the thicker frogs with the fat left on. 

Did anyone try dyeing them or adding scents like Gulp juice?   

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