Braid Casting Leader with PR knot?

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I have read several discussions here about using a lighter braid mainline connected by FG knot to a heavier braid casting leader (yes braid to braid using an FG knot).  What I am wondering is can I use  PR knot instead of the FG knot for this braid to braid connection?  I know this is not the recommended use of an FG or PR knot, but many folks here and elsewhere are reporting that they successfully are using an FG for braid to braid.  I am wondering if the PR also is an option for connecting the lighter braid mainline to the heavier braid casting leader.

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Good question. I always thought that part of the strength of the PR & FG was their ability to "bite" into the mono or flouro leader when you tightened them - but I could be wrong. I just don't see how that could happen going braid to braid. 

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