Tuna or pelagic fishing party boats

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Mojua , You are right on the $. The guys working the deck on the Miss B Light were squared away . Lol come to think of it they did have that preppy look down. The Sheepshead Bay boats seemed to be manned by pirates & an assortment of characters compared to you guys , while competent , hygiene & personal appearance weren’t high on the priority list fir a lot of the cats who worked out of the Bay . Neither was a clean rap sheet . Lol I think I read some where that that old catamaran headed south. She was a nice boat to fish. She hauled ass too , from the time the lines were thrown, to coming tight on the hook, I don’t think it was a full 3 hrs. I could be off a little , but not by much. Great memories . 

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12 hours ago, ksong said:

I believe it was 1989 when we had great bluefin at Bacardi. I think tuna higging has been popluar since then.

Yes.  There were fish late in the season in '88, but '89 was the year that boats from south Jersey to Rhode Island all swarmed on the wreck, and it was a virtual city at sea.


And it was also in '89--the night of July 31/August 1, when a freighter strayed outside the shipping lanes and ran through the fleet in the middle of the night.  How everyone managed to get off their anchor balls and out of its way, leaving no one killed or even slightly hurt, is something that I still find miraculous.

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