Korkers with Zipties

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1 hour ago, maxwebster said:

How easy is it to use korkers with zipties?

I have always use zip ties ever since I lost my first korker with the factory ties.

I have seen guys use duct tape but that wears off quickly and the zip ties will outlast your korkers.

I highly recommend them.

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Strapping them like Bill, where the buckle is in the front, makes them reliably attached. Haven't had them come off like that. The 1800 Grip studs on a felt bottom boot are hard to beat, especially on some light Simms boots. But, having Korker Sandals that you can take on and off for super long walks over a various of conditions has its advantages. Less wear and tear on body and equipment, lighter, stealth etc. I like to have options for different conditions. 

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l bought Korers once in 1995 lost in one at Montauk Point was found and given back to me from then on electric tape.

When l was really into jetty fishing rock hopping in 1960 to 1980 we made our own, you made them to fit your boot size they never can off. studs, hardened sheet metal screws #12 or #14 with speed nut would last you a good many years and hardware store items to replace screws and nuts back then.

Today l only dream of fishing on the rocks.




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