Asian Green Crabs for Stripers

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22 hours ago, joe0306 said:

Your post made me think of this article. The author, a diver for lobsters, speaks about one experience he had with a bass that followed him for an hour looking to get a free lobster. It even tried to lure the diver to rocks where lobsters were located, but just out of reach for the bass. These fish are definitely smarter than I thought.


Back in my diving days I measured a short lobster and when I let it go it flapped away only to get gobbled up by a good sized bass.  I soon realized that I had a few bass following behind me to pick up the scraps I dislodged.  I hand fed a few shorts to them afterwards.  They were like puppies looking for a treat.

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On ‎6‎/‎26‎/‎2020 at 4:48 PM, nateD said:

Guess I am reading that wrong


No such thing as an asian green crab, pretty sure he's talking about asian crabs not green crabs.

Should just be listed as "invasive, non-native" species. I'm sure fish like "Chinese food" as much as we do?

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1 hour ago, zeke04 said:

Almost all bass I have kept and filleted over the years had crabs in their stomach. I know fly fishermen who have done well with crab imitations.

Surprised that they aren't a more commercialized bait then given their invasive species status

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