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Having Patience when the fish decide to not show

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37 mins ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

Can i ask what a flat rick is?

Oooops my spellin is a little off...…………………….

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11 hours ago, said:

for me it takes more patience to listen or read a fish story than it does to land a large bass.i have seen and caught enough bass to knolw what one weighs with out having to use a scale. In the 10 years I worked at Nelsons I was never off by more than a lb or 2 estimating the weight of a bass before weighing it.i have caught big bass from the beach, from the inlets of LI from the rocks of Montauk,to the canal and the sand beachs of the cape,from a boat and a kayak,to take 3/4 of an hour is just plain old story telling at its worst.years ago there was a place that friends fished a rocky river where 50 lb fish were the norm,and quite afew fish that were difinitly record breakers were caught,and none of them ever told stories of long fights

I don't disagree with your statement at all but there is a big difference between standing in daylight and sizing up a fish you didn't catch. When you eliminate the variables of sleep deprivation, adrenaline, seeing something from a distance (as opposed to holding it), the fight and natural instincts it's much easier to guesstimate. I have carried a scale for quite some time as I don't keep fish often anymore (if I do it's a 28-32" table fish) but am still wanting some validation if I catch a legit 50!

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