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Super tune ceramic bearings for spinning reels - are they worth it?

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On 6/22/2020 at 3:32 PM, glos said:

There are AR-s that are not affected by oil

and putting some thick grease on entry and exit points of pinnion will prevent leakage.

Also, there are hybrid plastic ( rails ) ceramic ( balls ) bearings and those are quieter.

When new sure....but over time many will fail....greased clutches in daiwa, quantum, abu, penn.....see it all the ok in the spring and summer.....fine in the early fall....then phone calls and DM's come winter.

Barely any issues with shimano, or clutches used in baitcasters.  


Putting thick grease at the entry and exit load up the top and bottom of the lower pinion support bearing......LOLOL...sure..what could go wrong...


Have you ever done a single thing that you tell people to do?  Ever???


At least you didn't regurgitate what I said awhile back again....even though I specifically said.. "i hope glos doesn't regurgitate it and state it as proven"

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If the rest of the reel is sealed, and only way out for gear oil is thru pinion - shaft space. Filling it with thicker than oil, grease, must have some effect.

Which I did, and it worked fine.

My repeating is there more as a reminder to constructors for different approach, that might work.

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