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Smack it jr 35. Poppers ..can’t find them ? Help !

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Yes Well I had two guys out with me on Saturday, both were fishing smack it, and I was fishing or Yozuri three d....Obviously we fished within 10 yards of one another the snack it’s out fish me 8 to one  all day....And I mean all day. So it was proof positive that it is something about the rattle in that popper ..I

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I went through the same thing last summer looking for jr’s, looked and called everywhere  with no luck and even had places tell me they weren't being made anymore. Over the winter they popped up on several sites and I stocked up on what I consider to be a lifetime supply of my favorite smackits, maybe the same will happen this winter.

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10 hours ago, Inshore said:

Another sub is the new Yo Zuri 3D Inshore popper…


3.5” 7/8oz

4.75” 1 5/8oz


I’ll have to keep an eye out for these. Big fan of YoZuri lures in general, haven’t found one yet that I don’t like. 

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Captain Bill's version of the smack it popper works just as well if not better in my opinion.  I like the rattle in Captain Bill's better.  Both versions cast quite well and bluefish absolute love them.  

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1 hour ago, Skunkoff said:

...and let's be real here.  You should always have a Chug Bug or 2 on hand at all times.  Just sayin...



I'm impressed with tho Hogy Carter Grade poppers so far. They have been around for a couple seasons now and in terms of durability they are several notches better than a Smack-It. 


The finish on the Hogy. The swimmability in calm water is a little better with the Smack-It. 


With the rattle there is no comparison as the Smack-It is really Best in class. 


However, I'm pretty pleased with the overall performance of the Hogy. 


If Stripers are feeding on the surface and you have clear water, there shouldn't be a huge advantage to the Smack-It. However there are two things that could impact why someone else with a Smack- It might be a little more productive.


#1 the Smack- It comes equipped with a treble hook dressed with feathers for a tail. When at rest in clear calm water the tail undulates in a lot of fish that might take a look at something keep charging when they see that extra realism. Try throwing a cool tail on any chugging style popper that doesn't come equipped with one. That simple swap out will do wonders in Clearwater.


#2 Leader diameter. One guy could be fishing for stripers with a 10 lb leader and somebody else could be throwing a 20 lb leader. The guy with the lighter leader will win every time in Clear water especially on the surface because remember leaders cast a shadow especially if they're made out of monofilament. 


There's two things you can do to even the playing field there as you can simply drop down your test poundage or you can switch to fluorocarbon which has a refraction index closer to water. That way you won't cast a shadow and then your hookup ratio will go up.


For murkier back bays and estuaries, the Stillwater Smack It does have the advantage of incredible rattles which do help the fish find it so the first thing you want to do is look at the water quality clarity before you decide which type of chugging popper to throw.


Below are a couple of examples of what you can do to the Hogy Charter Grade poppers.




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2 hours ago, surfstryker said:

here's another sub that just came out...the dark matter fishaholic pulsar popper which appears very very similar to the smack it... comes in 3 3/4", 3/4oz and 5", 1 1/2 oz 





I developed that one last year :)

That was a fun project.  Working within cad and adjusting the protos was a fun experience

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