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Hey guys I’m guessing I’m not the only one to think of this but thought I’d share. 

So I and many others have experienced the inconvenience of needing to keep your hand on the steering knob whenever pedaling or else the rudder would swing hard left or right. So this season after tuning the rudder lines, I simply electrical taped a neoprene washer to the bottom of the steering knob. This provides just enough friction to keep the knob where you want it without needing to hold it constantly. For me with a 2018 outback, I just had to unscrew the carrying handle, swing the steering knob to the right and start taping. Honestly the washer may be unnecessary and just going to town with the tape would probably work. Other models may require removing the steering knob.


I’ve been using it since March and works like a charm.




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Hmmm nice idea. That’s something that has driven me crazy since day one in a Hobie, but it never once dawned on me to tinker with it. 

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I can go take a look at the exact specs of the washer (I have few) when I get to them. But it’s really simple and you really don’t even one.


heres what I did:

1. Unscrew and remove the carrying handle.


2. Swing the steering knob all the way right, so the end of it is exposed enough to wrap electrical tape around it.


3. Tape a rubber/neoprene washer to the bottom of the steering knob. Or if you have no washer,  just start wrapping the steering knob with high quality electrical tape until it’s built up just enough to give you some friction between knob and hull.


4. Move the knob around to feel how difficult or easy it is to move. Remove or add tape accordingly


i did this with a 2018 outback. Other hobbie’s may be more complicated given their design. It may require removing the handle which i hear can be tricky.



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Does the newer Hobies include this cleat to lock off the ‘down’ rudder line? Once locked it limits the rudder swinging.


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