Another nod of regret for Paul Allen

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I assume everybody's seen the ads for CuriousityStream?  Damn, if they didn't get my number with an ad for a show on the exploration of IJN Musashi.  She was one of Japan's two completed super-battleships, Yamato being the other.  She was sunk by American air attack, early on, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Paul Allen's exploration yacht Octopus found her. She's apparently (from the ad) been explored by a research team. There were hopes of raising her (some trick, raising a 70,000 ton ship from several thousand feet of water) but alas! Like her sister ship Yamato, she exploded on the way to the bottom.


I wish Paul Allen had been around to see the footage of the exploration. I wish he'd lived long enough to see his spaceplane fly. What a wide variety of charitable and intellectual interests he pursued ...

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