Thursday marathons.

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Up  at  3. Coffee and chemo pills for breakfast. Drive 3 1/2 hrs. east.  Slog through  1 1/2  miles of deep sand to get to this year's version of last years rip and mussle bar.  Still looks good, despite this year's radical winter storm re-arrangement.  Have 2  hrs. til  the bottom of the outgoing. Start with int. and a long thin tan Clouser/ sand eel.  I find the drop off the bar and  sweep the fly into the hole. Tight for a dozen casts straight.  I'm pleased with the good numbers of 5 to 7  year olds on the  North Shore so far.  Maybe because I'm more use to tusseling smallies and pike and trout, but I find mid-20 to 30" fish extremely fun on my now going on 15  year old  9 for a 9 b2x.  Yeah, they're lousy rods. Mushy tips, no power, more designed for freshwater.  I love it.  It did slide a very fat 43" up on the grass last year with it.  Maybe next week I'll repeat. BIG DECEIVERS are on the menu for next Thur.   Change to floater and  my standby 4/0 long shank 6"  gurgler.  Game on.  Best fish of day, 4th legal of the year,  flying torpedoes the fly after fast jerky strips flip it out of the water like a busted pogie a few times.  That image will stick for awhile. Last week I drove home early, quitting after a surfeit of 20.  This week  I put in more time and lots more casts and brought 40+ to hand.  Next week I'll try to beat up less  on the  rats. I love them all, but.......     Til next Thur.    I overdid my energy expenditure and dropped my blood pressure into the basement with being dehydrated.  Hydration from now on. Something to remember, big C or not.









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12 hours ago, surfrat59 said:

Always a great day when all the effort is rewarded! Good for you...

Thank you!    This time of year I've always camped on the Merrimack or down in  Naragannsett every chance I could. The drive over to the coast from the border of NY/Vt. . where I live isn't bad, but a little much for day trips. I have only a few spots to legally fish and nowhere to stay in these troubled times.  I feel blessed to get to fish  at all.  May your fishing be great out on the island. 7 hrs one way  for me.

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