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The story of my Maria La Segunda swimming plug

...from Sardinia to Florida...


Hi, sit down and grab a beer.


A bit more than 10 years ago, long before I started fishing the surf, I found a lure  on a northern rocky beach in Sardinia, Italy. I did not recognize this minnow style lure and the finish was a bit beat up from being washed up in the waves, rocks and sitting in the sun for a while. But on it's back I could still read La Segunda (S). Did not know if it was an italian, spanish or japanese lure. That was in 2009. I did not do any saltwater fishing at the time so I stuck it in my bag thinking I could put new hooks on it and use it for pike or musky over here in Canada.


Fastforward to 2014, I was visiting my girlfriend's parents at their condo in Florida. During my stay I fished the beach with a 7' rod and got some sort of revelation that I really like fishing the surf even if I had no clue what I was doing for the most part. I fished at least 10 hours per day. The year after i tried an offshore charter, did not enjoy it. In 2016, I was prepared with a Penn Fierce II 6k matched up to a 11'6'' Rapala Magnum Baja travel surf rod but with very few lures, as it was very difficult for me to buy saltwater lures here and I did not know what to look for really. But I had my beached La Segunda lure with new trebles and was ready to conquer the surf. I casted it in the waves the best I could but could not get any distance, it seemed like I was aiming at the sky. I was dragging bottom, did not know how to read the beach... So anyway, during that stay, I had a chance to go offshore with a guy who had a 25' boat. On a clam day we headed out offshore for a good 15 miles an then just started trolling because we thought it could be a could area to fish (!). So I rigged up my 11'6'' surf rod with my La Segunda minnow and started trolling with 3 other cheap rods with cheap lures. My rod was the only one that had a chance to put a fish in the boat. It took 10-15 minutes for me to be startled by the line peeling off my reel and the drag screaming. I threw my sandwich in the bottom of the boat and grabbed my long inconvenient surf rod. It felt like I had no chance of bringing it in. It was my first proper fish on proper equipment and still felt like I had no idea what to do. I took us 35-45 minutes to get that fish in... At first I called it a barracuda, then a tuna, but I quickly recognize it from the fish chart. It was a 48'' King Mackerel. It had hit my recovered beached lure and that put a smile on my face.


That summer, back in Quebec, I casted this lure in a pike infested lake and broke the bill from hitting the side of the boat... that was a sad moment. I shaved away the rest of the bill and turned it into a stick bait (see picture below). But I was not satisfied.

I quickly check up the internet trying to find where I could buy a replacement for this Maria La Segunda 140mm sinking. The only place I found some was eBay and they were used, the lure is discontinued. I think Maria, the japanese lure company still exists. I first ordered two of the 115mm floating version because it had the same sardine pattern than the one I found. Then I ordered two more of the 140mm sinking version in a red head and bronze colors. It also exists in a 90mm version.


You can still find these lures on this same site today. To me it looks like this lure is the predecessor of the Yo Zuri Mag Minnow, i resembles it very much. The Yo Zuri is more hi-tech for sure.

And this lure has a weight transfer system so it does cast very well now that I know how to cast properly. So, you know this lure?















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2 hours ago, SC said:

To me the shape resembles a South Bend Sea Bee which were around since the mid 70-s if I remember correctly

There is a resemblance. I googled the Sea-Bee, the front treble is oddly placed, way back there.


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1 hour ago, Heavy Hooksetter said:

the name translates to "The second"feminine.

wonder what was first?


Haven't forgot about you HH. I will find this 30 min Epoxy and finish these plugs... ;)

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These La Segunda lures are one of the most effective lures for me targetting tarpon, snook, crevalle and barracuda from the rocks and surf. To me they outfished the yo zuris and the rapalas. When they were being discontinued I purchased quite a lot and still have some in original packaging. There was a predecessor called “The First” hence the name as this may be the second of the line from Maria. Turns out to be the last as well. These are my go-to lures. Pity they were discontinued. I used to purchase them from online from a company out of Hawaii when my local dealer stopped stocking. 

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