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So, has anyone had experience with using a small sinking fly tied under a foam bass or panfish popper? Thinking of trying it to see what it can attract. 

And if anyone has tried it, any tips or observations?

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It's been tried, and likely many, many times. I seldom fish more than a single fly, but have done this in the past. same with the "hopper & dropper" for trout, which works well for panfish and sometimes bass, particularly in streams.


If you're targeting bass, go large with the dropper, but not so large that it pulls the popper under. Keep the dropper fairly short and away from the popper to prevent tangles. Even a slider type of surface fly can be a good choice and tie on an unweighted streamer.  I would go with something light, that has a good profile, such as a Deceiver or Seaducer. Some of the EP type streamers should work well also. 


Although I don't fish jigs much with fly gear, it can be a good technique as bloosfisher mentioned, or the streamer fly tied on a jig hook. Streamers tied on offset plastic worm hooks can be great too, as that helps with limiting snags. If you've never done that, try the VMC 7319 hook. It has a longer front section with more room for tying materials. 


Try different retrieves too and cadences, very slow to fast. 


I don't use more than one fly much because I like tossing them in & around some nasty snags, and a second fly does nothing but stay hung up. I also go very large much of the time, even using a 10 wt often. 


There's more than one way to entice strikes from bass with flies.


VMC 7319. 


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I've done it.  Mainly for pan fish and trout.  For pan fish it always seemed to attract the smaller fish rather than the larger ones.   Using a small nymph or woolly bugger(size 16 or 18) below a larger dry has caught me some decent trout.  Lately, I've been fishing weedy lakes and just hasn't been worth it.

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