Germany May 22nd. 2020

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Another early outing to the stream yesterday.
I only saw a brief glimpse of the sun in the morning as the weather was changing.
The weather change had impact on the insect life.
It stayed quiet on top for most of the morning.

The Perdigon did a good job but I lost more to the trees than I liked.
At least I had the materials to tie my own which would be required soon.
A passing cold front made the weather let's say interesting.
At times it looked like it would rain and as it was still warm and

sticky I thought the thunderstorms where imminent.

Late in the afternoon I went to the pub and settled in the beer garden.
The menu these days down scaled so I settled for a curry sausage with

fries and the mozzarella tomato side dish.

All flushed away with dark wheat beers.

I even managed to get the mandatory coffee and cake to top it all off.


The cold front was blowing through in force and those dark clouds

finally erupted in a heavy downpour.
Luckily I could shelter inside the pub, within half an hour it was all over
and I went for my last fishing session of the day.

After landing a nice trout near the grounds of the pub I headed

into the forest to see if I could spot trout feeding on mayflies.
The downpour had filled the stream with debris from the trees so surface

action was non existent.
The Perdigon yield a gudgeon, certified bottom feeder.
Lots of bites from these little fellows but not the fish I was looking for.


At the end of the day the light was fading and with the strong wind and

falling branches of the trees I thought fishing was over.

Some big dead falls where leaning against the still standing trees and made
a pretty awful noise.

If one of those old trees would give way it would sure be a bad day.


On the way out of the forest I heard a loud splash in the water.
At first I thought it had to be another falling tree branch hitting the water.
As I was not sure and had spotted several mayflies on the water I went to investigate.
A swirl in the water indicated to me that maybe something else was going on.

I broke out one of the big mayfly patterns and looked for a good position to make a cast.
It took a few cast before the fly landed near enough to the tree where I suspected a fish.
As the fly drifted near the tree the trout came up and nailed the fly with vigor.

A good way to end the fishing day with as last fish a trout on the dry fly.






























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The moor on the border and my way to sneak into that other country. Every evening you can hear the Orchestra of frogs.

Downside the bloodsuckers are out in force, stop for a second and they are all over you. 


Clouds in the sky make for good sunset pictures and the most vivid colors usually appear after the sun is not visible. 

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Thanks your reports are soothing.


Your food in the pub especially the puddings are just made for Lock Down belly.


I confess to having grown a new friend this past two months. The cold beer and glass of red wine too many for me to stay slim. But nice all the same.

It does cause me problems when cycling though.

Utterly brilliant that you can catch Gonks on the fly. I love those little fish.

Nice to have a mixed fishery.





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