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5 hours ago, MEF said:

For a 704 Z, I used to use one of the original St. Croix Premier surf 10 footers. To me, those reels always balanced, and felt better on a slightly heavier weight, slower action rod. I would look at the St. Croix Triumph in a size between 10-11 foot for that reel or something similar.

I have my 704Z on a 10’ Triumph, 3/4-4oz. I think it balances nicely. Plus the Triumph has larger guides and cork grip, definitely an all around old school vibe at a good price.

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22 mins ago, tristate said:

Vintage look would be a yellow Fenwick or Lamiglass blank. I have two greenie 706 reels that the grand kids use for bait. I would say Greenies if you really want vintage. Just saying. They were $25.00 reels.

I'm guessing that the Lami and Fenwick's you are referring are fiberglass.  I'd really like to have a vintage look with a more modern feel.  


Ok, so here is the story of why I am doing this.  My Dad passed away 8 weeks ago this coming Friday and he and I used to fish a lot when I was a kid of (they tell me) 6 months to mid 20's and then less frequently after that.  So, I spent the latter part of the 60's into the early 80's fishing frequently with him.  We had mostly Penn reels, 706's, 704's and a bunch of round reels, can't remember the models.  We did lot's of boat fishing and quite a bit of surf as well.  So, what I am trying to do is to put together some setups that were similar to the ones we used together when I was a kid. 


If I was being true to the story I would get a Honey or a Cherry red Lami.  And actually I have both.  I built an 11'4" red lami using BNOG guides and simple components. The rod looks awesome but it is so heavy.  The Honey Lami I have not built yet but I was going to make that one a bait rod, the red one is for light bait or plugging as it is rated 2 to 5.  Since I am 57 and have back issues from being in construction for so many years I need something lighter.  So, I thought if I could find a graphite rod that looks more vintage, I could fit it with a 704 and have the best of both worlds.  

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12 hours ago, Birdsnester said:

Seems to be the consensus.  Why do you think the Lami 1321 is such a good match?  LOL they are pricey which is ok but wondering why they are such a good match for the reel.  I could just buy a blank for 200 and build it myself.  I really want the rod and reel to match well, look good and fish good.  

1321 is a classic blank and the 704Z is a classic reel. That's an iconic surf duo right there. And a heavier reel like the 704 would feel right at home on an 11' GSB.



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