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two brothers crash into moms car, aske her for drugs, then kidnap and kill the autistic 9 year old. 




doesn't make sense.....this is fishy as hell. 

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KENDALL (CBSMiami) – An Amber Alert has been canceled for a 9-year-old boy with autism who was abducted from his mother’s car Thursday night.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed that the boy was found dead.

Friday morning a body found floating in a lake in the area of SW 62 Street and 138 Court in southwest Miami-Dade near where the boy was taken. Police have not confirmed that it was the boy.

Patricia Ripley and her son Alejandro, who is non-verbal, were driving in the area of SW 88th Street and 158th Avenue around 8:30 p.m. when she noticed a car following them.

When the driver of the car tried to sideswipe Ripley, she veered off the road in front of a Home Depot parking lot. The driver of the car then drove ahead of her and blocked her.

“The passenger of the vehicle exits the vehicle, approaches the mother, and demands drugs. She says she does not have any drugs. And so the passenger at that point reaches in, grabs her cell phone, steals her cell phone, and takes her child,” said Miami-Dade police Detective Angel Rodriguez.

The two men and the boy then drove off in a blue four-door sedan. Police do not believe the two men were armed and said the mom did not recognize them.

Police questioned those who work at the Home Depot and the boy’s family.

An Amber Alert was issued for Ripley. It has since been canceled.

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36 mins ago, HugeDinghy said:

mom and or dad did it. 

I would lean that way. Having a very autistic child is hell on earth. A very close friend deals with it every day.

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Yeah, something that caught my eye in the commentary provided is that They took her son and cell phone but NOT HER WALLET/PURSE/MONEY???

If these thugs were after drugs surely they would have taken her money, right?


Second, who, when involved in a "road-rage" incident leaves their doors unlocked and /or windows down?

Only possible reasons are she was driving a convertible and/or this was a planned event.


We'll have to see if more information comes out, but with what they have now (based on the initial post) they need more clarity!

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13 hours ago, Dave588 said:

If someone took your kid, you wouldnt ram their vehicle or chase them down?


How much a month am I getting from the state to feed and house him?


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