WTS - 9' 8WT Redington Torrent + Redington Rise II 7/8 + Two Lines

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I would prefer to give this a shot to sell as a set first before parting it out separately. I think $200 for the set would be pretty fair but I am open to hear some offers. Picked up a new rod (Butterstick II 8wt) as I prefer softer rods so this will not be needed. I would prefer to have it picked up in central NJ (I can travel a bit too) but may be open to shipping after some time if there aren't any local hits.


Redington Torrent 9' 8WT - 4pc:

I picked this up a couple of years back. Didn't really use much in the surf but did take it out a couple of times. The rod is in very good condition. There is a small "bubble" (it's a little whiteish/clearish mark) in the clear coat of the hook keeper which I pictured but it is not very noticeable. I don't think that would affect the rod at all and think it was there when I got it. There is some browning in the first two guides under the clear coat as well but no rusting anywhere else. Also pictured but it is minimal. All the other guides are fine. I used it mostly on the Delaware River for shad/stripers/whatever was around. It's a faster action rod which was preferable when I took it out on some windier days. Felt great with a 9WT line on it.


Redington Rise II 7/8:

This is a very new like reel. Never been dunked and used 80% of the time in FW. Spooled with backing, I am not sure of the lbs, and now has a 9WT SA floating line on it. Internally I always put a good amount of grease on it to protect it. You can see that in the pictures.


SA AirCel WF-9-F:

Floating yellow line, nothing crazy but this is in very good condition as I think I only used it once or twice.


SA Saltwater Clear Tip WF-9-F 1.5-2.0 IPS:

Older textured line with a 9' sink tip.


Let me know if you have any questions!

















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19 hours ago, otiscop said:

I’m interested But am in western Mass. 

What would it be for shipping?


I would prefer to have it picked up. Will get back to you if I decide to ship. 

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12 mins ago, MaCe1 said:

If deal with Otiscop doesnt work I will take for $150 picked up. I live in NJ.

Yours if you want it. I would rather have it picked up. I'll PM you some info. 

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