How much mono backing for braid?

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The way Sandbar1 (#2) and RocksMeEasy (#11) do it is how I do it.  Been using this technique for years. That is, put the braid on first then top off with mono to desired level then reverse the whole spool.  I have access to a big open field which makes it a lot easier to reverse the spool.  Yes it is a little time consuming, but you only gotta do it this way only once per reel.  After years of use the braid ultimately wears out and needs replacement then just strip off the braid back to the mono/braid knot and tie on the new 150 yd spool of braid and wind it on.

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On 5/8/2020 at 7:57 AM, Sevendust111 said:

These ideas are great but I don’t have spare spools or a drill. The mono is already on and I really didn’t want to take it off. Plus if I buy 150y of braid that won’t be enough to fill the reel. 

the reel's are sold for braid,but they are made for mono,with mono you fill the spool 1/8" from lip,with braid you fill the spool 1/4" from the lip,if you put more you will brake lot off lures with line jumping off spool creating knut's.

the reel for braid should have top spool lip 1/4" biger,preventing the braid jump off spool.

all the manufacturers just care to make profit,not looking for you for best working product.

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57 mins ago, Sevendust111 said:

I am gonna go get it spoiled tomorrow. Would leaving about 1/4 of the mono give me a good amount of braid?

every braid and mono is defrent diameter then on the box,best is put braid on first,fill rest with mono and leave the line 1/4" inside from lip,if you fill to the top,every few cast's you will have tangle,with any braid.

i tested expensive reels,big size,small size,defrent brand braid,everything work same ,no magik,i like fool spool but i can not do that with braid for casting,insted of fishing i will be mesing with line.i prefer #20 braid,if that is bad made it should hold 10# strenght,if the 10# is bad made you loose money and lures.

some reels list i can put 20# braid on reel,it is not true,the reel is overfill.

best you buy 300 yards spool and cut that to 3 pieces by 100 yards,i cut 150 yards in 2 pieces ,use one and fill space with mono.

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