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I realy llikethe look of flys done with dubbing brushes.  unfortunately they cost a fortune to purchase all r3ady made up.  Was looking to purchase a dubbing brush machine.  I looked at the stonfo and purchased the spinning part cost about thirty bucks.  I tried to make a table for it.  didn't work so good.  any one outh there have experience with a commercial one.  I purchased and returned the cyclone from j Stockard it was just too small as far as the length of the brush and the width.  any one out there of a good dubbing brush maker?  thanks Charlie  thinking of getting the table that goes with the stonfo spinner but the table is 60 bucks and plastic.  is there a better one out there?

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Agree way too expensive.   I've jury-rigged something that works pretty well until I can design and build a brush machine to the specs I want. Will try to post my method a little later....work gets in my way :)




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This is the way I've started to do it but with the understanding this is only my third or fourth brush.   Not pretty but works for me until I can build something a little nicer.  


  • polyethylene cutting board (notched on the drill end to align the bottom wire
  • 8-1/2 x 11  dimension template
  • (2X) magnetic hooks (from HomeDepot)
  • (2X) neodymium magnets
  • steel block (cork sheet glued to bottom)
  • (2X) ring clips (Amazon)
  • portable drill
  • Weight to hold 1st wire taut ( I'm using an old 3-1/2 disc drive :)  )

The following is pretty much self explanatory, though probably a little boring...... let us know what you come up with.
























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