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I know this is been talked about before. I have searched the archives dating all the way back as far as they are listed 

   My question is as follows.



   I will be running a garmin 5” FF this year and I would like to know what the major difference in run time is on a Lowe’s lawn mower battery compared to one of the LifePo4 batteries. I had the striker 4 cv last year and I could get 12 + hours on that before I felt the need to recharge The lawnmower battery. I realize the 5” will draw more juice than the old 4”. 


    Am I going to get extended run time from a battery that is double the cost or is it just from a pure weight savings aspect ??? 

  Thanks in advance 

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A 10amp LifePo4 should give you much more usable amps per charge then a 10 amp lead acid type battery.  Lead acid batteries dont like to be discharged below about 50% so its like having an 8 once glass of water and only being able to drink 4 onces. With LifePo4 batteries you can discharge down much lower, like 90%, without damaging the battery. I can easly run a Lowrance Elite 7 all day on a Nocqua 10 amp. I also run a 500 GPM bait pump on a Nocqua 4.4 amp all day with no issues although it is on a timer to run for 30 seconds every few minutes. Your lawnmover battery is designed to give you high amp draw quickly for start a motor. On kayaks we need smaller amp draws over longer periods so you should choose a battery that fits this requirement. I love my LifePo4 and wouldnt think about going back to lead acid tech batteries. 

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I've heard people only getting 6 hr run time of a 9 ah lead acid battery using a Lowrance Elite 7. 

I decided to go with a Amped Outdoor 12 ah LiFePO4 since I have the same unit. 

From what I've read, you can get 8+ hours out of the 10 ah Nocqua so I figure 12 ah should be enough for an all day outing. 

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