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what kind of fishing do you do?  How often?  How well do you know the places you fish?  


For $500 you can get a medium sized screen with side imaging, or possibly a larger display with down imaging.


Side imaging can tell you where to fish, structure of a place you don't know......  I can see stuff 30-40 yards on each side.  Where's a big rock, submerged tree, or old pilings where fish hide and wait for food.  Could see a bay fisherman going for striper, fluke, or flounder liking this feature.  Probably pretty handy for when the togs are in the spring and early fall on rocks around the bays too.


Down imaging I find useful to find the fish themselves.   You may want a large screen down imaging unit if you troll, anchor and fish wrecks.  Fish deeper water, you are going to want the bigger screen.


I do a mix of both, so I went with a side imaging unit, but smaller screen and not the latest technology.


Hummingbird helix 7 SI G2N.   Paid about $500 last year.  They're still being sold.   I've been on boats with $2500 units.  Am I jealous, a bit.  However, I have noticed my fishing results have improved in places I thought I knew pretty well.

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