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Any idea of where this was taken? Looks possibly to be a lake. 
I had the opportunity years ago to fish for Stripers with a Guide on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Not sure if it’s factual but he said very few landlocked Stripers eggs produce fish. The eggs settle to the bottom and don’t get the oxygen flow that’s needed to survive. 
He knew we were from Delaware and knew the fishery and said that’s why the Stripers go up to the headwaters of the Delaware River, and other rivers to spawn. They need the tidal flow to to push the eggs in and out with the tides to keep them moving and tumbling for oxygen. That’s why every slpringyou can catch lg fish in the Brandywine River just below the dam inside the Port of Wilmington. 
Anyone else hear this? 

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5 hours ago, Oakman said:

Very cool, and sad at the same time.  There should be acres of splashing going on. . .

It really doesn't work that way. Stripers spawn over a couple of weeks over a length of river and not all females will spawn. Water temperatures and flow will determine when and where activity will occur. Historically, every major river system had a run of stripers, so it is not like they all go to one place in the first place. 

 A single female is escorted to the surface by several males, then what you saw there occurs and everybody swims away never to think of it again. The most activity I have ever witnessed was the sound of a spawning female every 3-5 minutes over the period of an hour. It surely happens, but I have never witnessed spawning during the day or late at night. Each time I have been present, it has occurred between dusk and an hour or two after dark. 

The part of the spawn shown there is where stripers are really good. Each of those females put out a massive number of eggs and the males typically achieve an 80% fertilization rate. Even a small spawn produces billions of eggs. What happens over the next seven days is what determines the quality of that year's spawn. 

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