I lost a friend and neighbor today. Keep your guard up.

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11 hours ago, KurtGett said:

Tom died alone today at Mather Hospital in Suffolk County Ny from CV-19 after arriving there last Thursday. He leaves behind a wife and 3 young children 7, 10, and 12. Someone coughed on / near him on the train, which likely infected him. 
we grew up together and ended up living on the same block about 7 houses down. He went all out decorating for every holiday - his children always active participants and his motivation.  
I pray that his wife and children do not get infected and ask that you say prayers for them too.  I also ask that you take precautions when exiting your house or apartment.  Do not let you guard down for a second.  Cover your mouth and nose with something. A mask or bandanna or cut up shirt.  Who cares, just cover.  Wash your hands often, and don’t touch your face.  Don’t let your loved ones let there guard down. 
RIP Tom. Xoxo

thanks, kurt


Very sad to hear this.  I think by now everyone has been affected by this in some way.  My brother in law had it, beat it barely but he did.  Now he is facing horrible withdrawal issues from the meds he was given but he is alive.  A person who I work with just lost their sister and mother within days of each other.  We lost an electrical inspector at work this past week as well.  It's a mess and your message is a good one.  Don't let out guard down for a second...


Very sorry for the loss of your friend...

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Really sorry....that’s the worst part of this....easy to catch and randomly wreaks havoc on some people who are seemingly healthy.

it is no joke.

I hate to hear about someone leaving behind young kids..... everyone loses in that situation.


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So sad man....sorry to hear that.Ive been over doing it as far as cleaning everything as much as i possibly can.I hate going anywhere where theres more then 3 people now.I refuse to let my guard down.I have made not touching my face a mandatory thing...Even when my hands are clean.

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It is always sad to hear people dying because of Corona, but when people we know start dying, we realize how dangers this virus is.


Kurt, sorry to hear you lost your friend.

Those kids are to young to loose a parent.

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