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So this early mornings' thunderstorm knocked out the cable Pop and Geri. I had to go over and wait for the cable guy to come, 'tween 10 and 12.

Chris showed up at 9:45, with his mask on . I spoke with him outside and explained the old folks and 7 year old in the house, and how scared they were. He was real good about it and quickly diagnosed the main problem outside. He wasn't messing around and quickly cut out the old drop and ran a new line in from the pole.  He said that the main dvr box was probably screwed up, and that he had a new one. I asked if I could do the change of the box inside and he said there would be no problem.  He explained everything simply, and when I ran into a problem, he explained to me go in and look for the amplifier. Even pulled one out of his truck to show me what it looked like. Said it could be anywhere in the house, and sure enough I found it in the basement, partly unplugged. I fixed that, but ran into an issue at the end getting the box to work. We tried fixing it over the phone between me inside and him outside, but I could quickly see that he was gonna have to at least come into the one room. I cleared Pop and Geri out onto the back porch while Chris geared up with gloves and booties. I opened the door for him and directed him to the one spot. He took about two minutes and resolved that issue. Then he asked if I would like him to program the old remote to work the new box, as the new one does. I thought that was good of him, this way Geri has two remotes that both work. 

So anyway, a big shout out to Chris from Xfinity for his professionalism, promptness, and willingness to work with me to keep the stress level as low as I could. Not really low, but it  coulda ben way worse.  

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Okay, no sooner had I left there to go to work, when the power went out for the whole town and highway. Transformer blew up. On a 65 degree Wednesday in April. This something that happens on a July weekend when it's 100 degrees. I know, because that was the case last time it happened and I was still active FD and fought the fire that resulted.

Anyway, back to Pops' place and another calming down session. 

They did put a back-up system in after Sandy, but it took exactly one hour to get the power back up and running.


I swear that lately I feel like a long tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs.


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Yikes. I guess I should feel grateful that most of my 'mom service' now that she's in a supported living community, is her being befuddled by her PC and my logging into it remotely and solving the problem till next time.

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