Split shot on small crank / jerk bait?

By jjdbike in Freshwater Fishing,
Hey folks, With the current situation I'm forced to refocus efforts to local small fresh water streams and rivers. I enjoy C & R trout and smallmouth. I want to try some new lures this year. For one, I want to try tossing small jerk or crank baits like the Yo-Zuir Pins Minnow and Leland trout Magnet Crank. See photos attached. Like I said, this is my 1st time using these in freshwater streams for trout and smallmouth. My recent challenge is that in some faster deeper pools that they did not swim deep enough. My question is, do these things fish well w/ split shot in front of them ad if so, how far out in front would you place it?   Respectfully, JD
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